Monday, February 27, 2012

Israel Shamir and the 1973 War

Many of you sent me this article by Israel Shamir and asked for a reaction.  OK, here it is: 1) I don't like Shamir and I don't trust him.  He has a recent history of anti-Jewish pronouncements.  So he does not belong to the pro-Palestinian camp on two counts: a) for being anti-Jewish; b) for bragging about his exploits in the 1973 war.  2) Regarding the article: it is silly and conspiratorial in the nutty sense. You read the whole thing and you almost forget that it is all based on the conspiracy theory--not the information or intelligence--of the Soviet ambassador in Egypt, Mr. Vinogradov.  It is clear that this was Vinogradov's take without any evidence or even logic.  So the war was entirely a conspiracy and that the Israelis were on it too.  3) It is worse than being nutty conspiracy: it is rather suspicious, and hence my distrust of Shamir.  So according to him, the Israelis were not really humiliated in the first few days of war on the battle field.  That Gold Meir was on the game herself.  This is just silly: no, this is worse and could be a Mossad planted story to preserve the invincible image of Israeli terrorist army.  So I rule this scenario out of hand, although the motives of Sadat are now clear to all of us and we have known that all along.