Saturday, February 18, 2012

FROM SNC to Israel with love: Israel and the Syrian National Council: the conspiracy thickens

Bassma Kodmani is a leading member of the leadership of the Syrian National Council.  The US government--to my information--wanted her to succeed Burhan Ghalyun as leader of the council but Ghalyun threatened to resign if his mandate as leader is not extended for another term and with 99% of support from the...leaders themselves.  Syrians have never heard of Ms. Kodmani and academics have not heard of Ms. Kodmani.  Yet, Martin Indyk has heard good things of Ms. Kodmani and I guess that was sufficient to appoint her (all those democrats are appointed) as one of the leaders of the council.  Yesterday, a video was posted in which Ms. Kodmani expresses her love and support for Israel.  I honestly have never since Anwar Sadat days seen an Arab humiliate himself/herself as much as Kodmani has done to please Israel in this spectacle.  She even mocks Islam and the Qur'an for the benefit of the assembled Israelis and Zionists and then proceeded to tell them that Arabs need Israel.  Is there anyone out there who wishes to ask me why I am as opposed to this council as I am to the Ba`th rulers in Damascus?  In fact, I never ever thought I would see someone more pathetic than Ba`thist rulers until I saw this video yesterday.  (thanks Ashraf)