Monday, February 27, 2012

Covering Syria in the New York Times

Look at this article in the New York Times.  According to the Times--and forget about politics and stick to rules of basic journalism--there are no supporters for Asad in Syria except `Alawites.  Now that is factually untrue.  Notice that only the sect of the one supporter of Asad was identified but not for the rest.  "n downtown Damascus, where there were marginally more voters, Hala, a 36-year-old woman from the same Alawite clan as the president and the wife of a soldier, said she was voting for a “new Syria.”"  In fact, various news account I saw indicated that there were voters in Damascus and I saw scenes of people standing in line.  I don't understand why people who are willing to concede that royal gulf regimes have supporters don't want to accept that regimes that are on bad terms with GCC countries may also have supporters.  Does that bother Zionists? Is that the reason?