Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The case for those detained journalists is not famous

These are not famous because: 1) because they work for an Iranian media channel.  2) because they are detailed by NATO militias in Libya.  "A Tripoli-based militia from Misrata should immediately transfer to the Libyan government two illegally detained British journalists and the three Libyans who were traveling with them, Human Rights Watch said today. The men are among thousands of people held illegally by militias in Libya.  The Saraya Swehli militia, commanded by Faraj Swehli, detained Nicholas Davies-Jones, 32, and Gareth Montgomery-Johnson, 37, both British citizens, in Tripoli early on February 21, 2012, Human Rights Watch said. The names of the two Libyans with the journalists and the taxi driver detained with them are unknown. The two journalists were freelancers working mostly with the Iranian state-owned Press TV."