Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lies of the Syrian opposition

When will there be an article in the Columbia Journalism Review about the lousy Western media coverage of Syria?  What about the claim that the Syrian "rebels" arrested 3 (just three) members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who were allegedly participating in the repression in Syria--as if the repressive regime needs advice and help in repression?  Of course, it turned out that the three were none other than those Iranian engineers who were kidnapped in Syria weeks earlier.  Will the lousy Western media ever expose or reveal one lie by the Syrian opposition?  One lie, not two?  And what about their claims that Hizbullah fighters are also participating in the killing?  I mean, if they tomorrow claim that Cuban soldiers were shooting in Syria, I am sure that the Western media would publish the claim and bring a terrorism expert to confirm.  I must confess, I have never seen a worse coverage of Arab affairs like I have seen in the coverage of Syria in the last few months.  It is more blatantly propagandistic than the coverage that led to the American invasion of Iraq.   I mean, at one point, a Lebanese Army truck was passing in a street in Damascus, and Syrian National Council websites and Saudi media published the picture and claimed that Lebanese Army soldiers are also participating in repression in Syria.  The Lebanese Army had to issue a statement to explain what that lone truck was doing in Damascus.