Saturday, January 14, 2012

Liars of MEMRI

So MEMRI has a dispatch about what they say was an article by Bayan Nuwayhid Al-Hut in Al-Akhbar. You have to read through to know that she did not write this article for Al-Akhbar but was in fact responding to my criticisms of her for citing the Protocols in one of her books, and then they said:  "In his criticism, Abu Khalil accused Al-Hout of basing her thesis on the Protocols, whose authenticity is in doubt".  I know that translators of MEMRI have lousy Arabic command but: 1) I said that she cited the Protocols.  2) I did not--o liars of MEMRI--say that the authenticity of the Protocols "is in doubt."  I never ever said that in any language as I have written repeatedly in Arabic that the Protocols are trashy and a forgery. I even said that in my article cited by the Zionist translators of MEMRI.  It was Al-Hut--NOT ME--who said that the authenticity of the Protocols is in doubt.  There is no doubt in my head on the matter.  Of course, your knowledge of Arabic is very much in doubt. (thanks Samah)

PS: Just because I am in a UK university tour does not mean that I will let you get away with your lies, MEMRI.