Tuesday, January 31, 2012

David Kirkpatrick on US displeasure with Egypt

"The decision to give the individuals shelter indicates a new low in the relations between Cairo and Washington, which recently threatened to stop its $1.3 billion in annual aid to the Egyptian military if it failed to take steps toward a democratic transition, including respecting such nongovernmental groups."  Mr. Kirkpatrick, some perspective and historical context is in order here.  You really believe--and state with a straight face--that US is displeased with the Military Council because the US wants a speedy transition to democracy?  Are you kidding me and kidding your leaders? Was the US ever displeased with Sadat or Mubarak over their despotism?  Also, does democracy have to include the ability of foreign governments to fund various groups in a country?  I mean, can the Chinese government just fund groups right and left here in the US?