Wednesday, January 25, 2012

analogy with Israel

I reject any analogy between whatever the repressive Arab governments do against their own population with Israeli war crimes.  What is the purpose of the comparison or the creation of an artificial scale of repression? It is irrelevant and invoking only aims at preparing the stage for normalization with Israel--to imply that just as Arab governments kill their own people, so does Israel.  Analogy of this sort is rather sinister and should be seen as such.  Israeli crimes against Palestinians and Arabs are unrelated to what Arab governments do: they are only related in that the US and Western governments helped set up oppressive rule in the region to preserve Israeli interests.  This reminds me when the spoiled brats of Sabbah royal family in Kuwait dared to compare the occupation of Kuwait by Saddam's forces (lasting for a few months) to the plight of the Palestinians (of course, the Kuwaiti princes waited out the occupation in the fancy brothels of Europe.  Arab regimes crimes can end with the overthrow of the regime, while the crimes of Israel don't end unless we achieve the dismantlement of Zionism in Palestine and the accomplishment of the demise of Israel. But enough of those analogies for potato's sake.