Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sexy uprising II

Comrade Laleh reminded me that I did not continue with my post about sexy uprisings--so to speak.  Yemen was ignored because Arab media are the ones who have played a part in whipping up support for Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings. But I would argue that by the time the Libyan NATO revolt occurred, Aljazeera Arabic has crossed the boundary of acceptability and credibility.  Its mobilization and agitation was no more seen as cute or credible but is seen as tied to a sinister Western and Zionist agenda.  Linking the internal revolt with NATO agenda began with Libya.  And then Syrian National Council followed suit. That could not attract support (not in the Arab world for sure).  Bahrain was not only ignored: but only covered from standpoint of sectarian conflict.  Yemen did attract some support but the GCC and West succeeded in obscuring the reality of oppression and repression by the lousy Yemeni regime.  This is why any big move or bombing the gas pipeline to Israel by Egyptian youths still manage to generate excitement among Arab youths.