Wednesday, December 28, 2011

`Sa'ib Ahl-Al-Haqq versus Muqtada As-Sadr

This has been very interesting.  Muqtada As-Sadr has issued a very strong statement agaisnt `Sa'ib Ahl-Al-Haqq, which has prided itself in being a (Shi`ite) resistance movement against US occupation.  They have been issuing statements in the last two years or more claiming responsibility for various attacks on US occupation troops, and they have been sending me their political literature and seem upset by my criticisms of Shi`ite clergy, especially the lousy Sistani (the cleric of occupation).  They have even answered several political questions that I posed to them.  But they failed to dispel the impression that I have that they are a sectarian organization (in both composition and ideology).  Yesterday, As-Sadir denounced them in strong terms after they announced that they would enter the political process.  I was thinking about As-Sadr's reaction and asked people.  It seems that As-Sadr is worried about them: that they may try to enjoy the fruits of the humiliating withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.  And apparently most of the people from the `Asa'ib are defectors from Jaysh Al-Mahdi. Iraq after withdrawal of US troops will be such a different place. You may not recognize it.