Thursday, December 01, 2011

Feb 14

A Bahraini source who does not want to be identified sent me this:  "There are many groups calling themselves February 14 groups, but the one your previous source quoted is some kind of 'February 14 media network' which just tweets and facebooks, and the statement sounds fishy because it uses a very different religious discourse than the youth. The statement also says openly they receive logistical support from religious leaders which is v stupid and sounds like a government plant- i'm 90% sure it is fake but will double check. This is not to say that Modaressi isnt desperate to find supporters in Bahrain, but like most youth movements, the February 14 movement is decentralised, leaderless, and secular in its demands because in actual fact, most conservative elements follow Wefaq as they have the 'religious legitimacy' by garnering the spiritual leadership of Isa Qassim, and don't want the downfall of the regime, but the February 14 youth is turning both against Wefaq and clerical order and the royal family. Regardless the main and biggest group is the "February 14 Youth Coalition" - this group plans, coordinates and executes protests at any opportunity, religious (eg funerals, ramadan, muharram) or political (eg sabotaging election day). So anything coming from their facebook page is authentic. Ignore anything else coming from any1 calling themselves February 14 youth. When the youth went out on February 14 there was no Isa Qassim or Modaressi to be seen in sight, and they certainly were not waiting for orders from them to protest, block roads, or escalate demands, the government's killing did the radicalisation without them.