Saturday, December 31, 2011

Astrology in A-Hayat: Elliott Abrams (and the Zionist DC correspondent)

The mouthpiece of Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, Al-Hayat, has decided to turn to Elliott Abrams (who never met a war against Arabs/Muslims that he did not wholeheartedly endorse) to make predictions for the Arab world.  I don't blame him as much as I blame the Al-Hayat correspondent who turned to him to offer his astrological predictions for the Arab world.  Where does Al-Hayat and other Saudi media find their correspondents? I know: in the halls of the Lebanese Forces headquarters.  (thanks Rudy)

PR Readers sent me that in fact, Joyce Karam, the Washington, DC correspondent for Al-Hayat, is a graduate of the research arm of the Zionist lobby, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.  Apparently, Karam used to "monitor" Palestinian media for her Zionist bosses there.  Apparently, her work for Zionists of DC endeared her to the hearts of Saudi princes.  Here, Karam advises Zionists on how to improve Israel's image among Arabs (enjoy her words of wisdom please: "I always get asked, “why does Israel rule America?” You try and explain that things are not so black and white. But if you are an average Arab, and you have seen the 1967 war and 1982 war, to you Israel is an enemy. You hear many radio stations still refer to as Israel as the “Zionist Entity.” Ehud Barak is known as the “Minister of War.” There is a lot of work still needed to bridge the gap.  With the Arab Spring, populism is returning to the Arab street. It is a little bit scary. When you look Jordan and Egypt, with the attacks on the Israeli embassy, that populism is steeped in anti-Israel sentiment. In Istanbul, the scene is the same. The Arab Spring, while it may bring a more open political system, brings high anti-Israel populism. Israel must now make peace not only with governments, but with the people.".  But you know what: why bother.  I am yet to find an Arab Zionist who is 1) smart; 2) who can write either good Arabic or good English. Really.