Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arab monitors in Syria

Read this article on Arab monitors in the New York Times.  The entire article is basically about how they are prevented from doing their job (on their 1st day of the job, of course) while the head of the team deny what the New York Times is saying.  Let me be clear: I am with the organized opposition on this: we can't have faith in the mission which include members from various Arab tyrannies and which is mandated by the lousy League of Arab Tyrannies.  I do believe that the mission can't be expected to do the job of monitoring or even documenting human rights violations by the lousy regime.  Of course, I part with the organized Syrian opposition that the alternative is NATO bombs.  But what is curious about this article is that there was no similar effort by the Times to discredit the Bahrain ROYAL commission on the first day of its job.  And in the case of Bahrain, the Times always made a point of carrying and representing the views of the Bahraini government.  When it comes to covering Syria, only propaganda is permitted in the Western and Arab (Saudi and Qatari-dominated).