Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thus spoke Huda Nonoo: evidence of Iranian conspiracy in Bahrain

Again: from my chief Bahrain correspondent (she has been busy lately):  "Also notice the discrepancy between the Arabic and English version [of the Bassioni report] concerning the ridiculous 12 point flag rumor.  My theory is that the report was delayed because of conflicts between bassiouni and the other two.  Report was a whitewash and needed to be edited to make it more acceptable to human rights organizations.  Maybe someone forgot to edit a few lines in the arabic version.  I don't trust Bassiouni.  His media interviews prior to the report conflict a lot of whats in the report now.  Also notice the slight difference in what he says in interviews and what this other commissioner is saying,  Apparently Rodney said they didn't investigate higher level officials because they ran out of time.
Did you see this gem of a quote by Huda Nonoo?
In an interview Wednesday, Bahraini Ambassador to the United States Houda Nonoo defended the government’s claims of Iranian involvement. She pointed to Iranian state media provocations and official statements calling Bahrain Iran’s 14th province.
But asked for evidence of direct material support, she hedged. “We don’t have that evidence, but it’s there,” Ms. Nonoo said. “It’s not evidence you can touch or see physically, but we know it’s there.