Sunday, November 27, 2011

Racist Lebanese radio

Ramzi sent me this:  "I was listening to a radio called "Jaras Scoop FM". They were talking about the girl who was raped and killed recently. It was a call for sectarian war. The terrible racist frenzy was too much to listen to. I am not talking about the people calling the program only. I am talking about the manager of the station and the host!!! Only "some" of what i heard from the people calling and the host is the following:
Syrians should not be allowed on the streets after sunset.
The host was calling on people to hold arms in their homes, even without government permits.
He was saying: our "sunni" brothers in ketermaya were able to take their right with their own hands. No one should think that this "christian community" is to be undermined anymore!
The "christian" neighborhoods should protect their areas with weapons.... 
and all sorts of racist talk against syrians and egyptians... foreigners in general... shocking stuff".