Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Political economy of Abdul-NATO

"Abduljalil’s commitment to this doctrine is corroborated by a Wikileaks cable dated January 27, 2010: “Libya's Justice Minister-equivalent, Mustafa Mohammad Abduljalil, told the Ambassador on January 25 that as Libya opens its economy to other countries, it needs international assistance in developing its private sector and strengthening the commercial legal environment”.1 Open economies are instrumental to neoliberal doctrine because they allow multinational corporations to conduct business in the private sector worldwide. Abduljalil undeniably recognizes this fact and clearly stated his approval of developing the private sector to the US Ambassador in Libya long before there were any stirrings of revolution in the region. The revolution in Libya started with a small localized grievance but as it proliferated across the country and metamorphosed into a generalized disdain for Gaddafi and his regime, it is important to examine NATO’s investment in the NTC’s victory. This victory had to be safeguarded at all costs, which led NATO to co-opt the revolutionary fervor for their own ends under the most spurious auspices imaginable. However, in order to properly unearth NATO’s motivations for intervention, it is first necessary to understand the trajectory of Gaddafi’s relations with the West." (thanks Alexander)