Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Flash: Syrian regime goons storm into the home of Khalid Bikdash's daughter

Daughter of Syrian communist leader, Khaild Bakdash, has just informed me that:
"اليوم في اليل 10 عناصر مخابرات داهموا بيتي بحثا عن مجرم هكذا قالوا فتشوا كل شيء
لدي الان شعور انني لست انسان بل عبد
يا ارض قفي لا اريد ان اتابع
سلام بلا كرامة مواطن"
(Tonight, 10 members of the Intelligence stormed into my house searching for a murderer--that is what they said.  They searched everything.  I now feel that I am not a human being but a slave.  O earth freeze, I don't want to continue. 
Salam.  Without the dignity of the citizen."