Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Two American Hikers in Iran

When the story first broke out, I certainly made fun of the claim that the three Americans were hiking along the Iranian-Iraqi border.  I found that claim to be laughable.  I cracked a few joke about it.  I was then contacted by the sister of Shane Bauer (one of the three) who asked for my help in lending a voice for the release of the three.  She told me that Shane (her brother) was my student at UC, Berkeley although I did not remember him immediately.  I wrote a few calls here for their release.  Subsequent to their release, I learned that the other guy (Joshua Fattal) was an Israeli and that this was kept from US and other Zionist media.  That really angered me.  I was not privy to this very important and more-than-a-footnote to the story, and as a result I consider myself duped by the sister of Shane who did not reveal this important piece of information to me at the time.  I hereby now dissociate myself from any declarations or statements or claims regarding the real purpose or mission of the three.  In other words, I am back mocking the story of hiking by the three at the Iranian-Iraqi border.