Sunday, October 30, 2011

Syrian regime propaganda

So I have been following the two main Syrian propaganda channels lately.  One thing is clear: there is a very blatant classist element in the attack by the regime on the protesters.  They are portrayed as unemployed poor who are willing to sell their soul for any bidder.  The message is unmistakable: that the educated and civilized stay off the streets.  It is pretty disgusting.   Secondly, the regime sounds desperate: they air messages from "experts" calling for even the defected soldiers to surrender in return for amnesty.  Thirdly, there is a disgustingly Syrian nationalist message in the propaganda: it disgusts me in particular because it reminds of of Lebanese nationalist chauvinism.  Syria uber alles.  Fourthly, there is something noticeable among the Lebanese and Syrian "experts" or "analysts" that they invite: they sound very kooky in their analysis of international affairs.  One guy on Dunya TV yesterday insisted that Paul Wolfowitz was Secretary of Defense, and they attribute statements to officials who never said them.  Fifthly, why do you get the impression that the anchors are sweating?