Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robert Fisk, the eyewitness

"In 2004, I watched the arrogant figure of Samir Kantar – convicted of murdering a policeman and an Israeli civilian and his four-year-old daughter – stride across the Lebanese frontier from Israel a free man..."  Forget the obvious mistake: that he saw Quntar "stride across the Lebanese frontier" because Quntar was a prisoner until 2008.  But the notion that Quntar seems arrogant, in person or even across the screen, is a blatant lie and can only be said by someone who has not really see him.  It has been years since I believed what Fisk writes about the Middle East.  He is too busy rubbing shoulders with the Hariri family and with Jumblat.  Finally, and most importantly, Fisk is believing the lies of the Israeli government without questions.  I have asked Quntar about the allegations and I believe his denials.  But Fisk: be my guest.  Rely on the account of the professional liars of Israel.  (thanks Ali)