Friday, October 21, 2011

Qadhdhafi tortured before his death

The accounts of Qadhdhafi's death are so numerous that we don't really know what happened.  The torture and murder records of Arab tyrants is such that one can't feel sympathy for the tyrants.  It is also jarring to watch Arab tyrants of the Gulf and their supporters congratulating the Libyan people for democracy; just as jarring to watch US officials (who presided over honeymoon relations with Qadhdhafi) congratulating the Libyan people.  Where are the pictures of US officials paying respect to Qadhdahfi?  Yet, when you watch this video of NATO rebels torturing Qadhdahfi to the cries of "God is Greater" you don't feel optimistic about the future political course in Libya.  One good thing, however:  I won't be treated to stupid Western articles in the New York Times telling me that Gene Sharp and his theories of non-violence were what inspired Arab to subscribe to non-violent struggle for democracy.  In fact, the Free Officers in Egypt in 1952 led a non-violent overthrow of King Faruq, and yet their system of government was non necessarily non-violent--but I am sure that we will be seeing worse--much worse.  I have enough faith in NATO in that regard.