Monday, October 31, 2011

New York Times Book Section Trash

Look at this section.  Don't you like it when the Times ask one Zionist to review another Zionist? This is standard in the New York Times.  "when, as Montefiore reminds us, Yasir Arafat “shocked the Americans and the Israelis when he insisted that Jerusalem had never been the site of the Jewish Temple.” He also forbade Palestinian historians to mention the fact."  Look how when it comes to Palestinians, anything can be said.  Who on earth believes that Arafat--as much as I detest him--has ever forbade Palestinian historians from writing on anything, and who but an idiot would believe that Palestinian historian would ever take orders from Yasser Arafat.  Imagine if Anis Sayigh, for example, received an order from Arafat along that line. But this reveals the extent to which those Zionists are so ignorant of the nature of Palestinian society and of the political dynamics of the PLO.  Arafat never ever had the power to forbid any Palestinian academic from saying or doing anything.