Monday, October 31, 2011

Lies of Aljazeera

This will become a regular feature.  In covering Syria, Aljazeera (Arabic) does not have correspondents who don't appear on camera, as it did in Iraq when its offices were closed down.  It relies on a crude propaganda speech that appears in news cast in the regime TV all over the Arab world.  Yesterday, the propaganda speech talked about the Syrian National Council and it said that it is dominated by the secular liberals.  I kid you not.  When Aljazeera lies about this basic fact, you know the lies are dominating.  It then added that the Muslim Brotherhood are "merely" one of many parties represented in the Council.  I kid you not.  It then added: that the Brotherhood wants a civil state and a democratic government, etc.  I was expect the network to add that Al-Qa`idah is a charity operating in different Arab countries.