Monday, October 31, 2011

Iron Dome and Israeli stupid propaganda

Since 1991, when scud missiles landed on Israel (and notice how Western media collaborate with Israel to protect its security and to engage with it in deception: they are yet to report on the extent of damages and hits during that period), Israel has been producing a large volume of propaganda deception aimed at Arabs. They have been using different names to impress Arabs that they have developed a system to protect Israeli skies from missiles.  I knew all along that this is typical dumb Mossad-style psychological operation intended to convince Arabs that Israel is invincible.  When we saw the missiles land on Israel this week, the Israeli lies were exposed.  Of course, the Mossad came with an explanation: they said that there were technical problems in the system.  I bet that they are the same technical problems that frequently cause US helicopters to crash in Iraq and Afghanistan.