Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dunya TV

I have been watching some Dunya TV (the pro-Syrian regime TV station owned by the Makhlufs).  Do you notice that they allow criticisms of Qatar and Turkey but not of Saudi Arabia?  The lousy Syrian regime is still desperate to ingratiate itself with the House of Saud.  Also, they invite "analysts" to speak on international relations and Arab politics who are so kooky.  And do you notice that the Lebanese and Syrian supporters of the Syrian regime use the same method: they point to a stack of papers in front of them and yell out: I have with me "documents" that will verify what I am saying and that will reveal the depth of the conspiracy against Syria.  They add: and when the time comes, I will expose them all.  One kook on Dunya TV (a Syrian reader sent me the clip) claims that he has on his flash drive footage of the wife of a Syrian dissident having sex with a man from the CIA.  One "analyst" on Dubya yesterday asked viewers to write to him on his "HotMile" email address.  Has there been a Ba`thist or Saudi propagandist who is good?