Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alan Dershowitz stumbles on a token Arab to sign on to his fanatic Likudnik positions

You read it right.  This fanatic American Zionist, Alan Dershowitz, who has never encountered an Israeli war crime that he could not endorse, stumbles on a Lebanese guy to sign on to his outrageously anti-Palestinian positions.  The Lebanese, fortunately, is a national joke who is known for 1) trying to briefly sue Ariel Sharon over Sabra and Shatila to get a name for himself.  His attempt lasted for a few hours. 2) for claiming to the media that he is a "candidate for Lebanese presidency" although there is no such thing as candidate for president of Lebanon.  His popularity politically is equal to my political popularity in the US.  3) During the Bush's wars, he wrote an editorial in the sectarian Christian, right-wing, racist anti-Syrian (people), anti-Palestinian (people) newspaper, An-Nahar that was titled "My friend Paul Wolfowitz".  This native is like those natives with deep complexes of the White Man: who when the White Man shakes their hands on one or two occasions, they yell out: The White Man is my friend. The White Man is my friend.  He also cozied up with Ileana Ros-Lehtinen--perhaps the most anti-Arab, anti-Muslim member of the entire US Congress.  She invited him to join her table at a Republican function in the US, and he went back to Lebanon and bragged that she let him shake hands with George W. Bush.  In other words, this pathetic figure has made himself to be a joke long before he steeped lower by this lousy piece of Zionist trash.  Fortunately, he speaks neither for the Palestinians nor for the Lebanese, although his credentials as a representative for the Zionist point of view has been underlined.  But this clown may have a new representative credentials as he signed this piece as "Chibli Mallat, Custodian of the Two Holy Places Visiting Professor of Islamic Legal Studies" at Harvard University.  I also notice that the piece was promptly translated and published in the mouthpiece of Prince Salman and his sons, the lousy trashy Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper.   Read this piece of...Zionist trash.  It first gave Israel what it does not have:  its ability to be recognized as it wants Arabs to recognize it, without regard to the natives of the land:  "Recognises the State of Israel as the Democratic State of the Jewish people."   The Zionist Lebanese clown also gave Israel the right to help itself to as much as it wants from the 22% of Palestine (West Bank and Gaza):  "the demarcation lines as of June 1, 1967, with adjustments and acre-for-acre land swaps to be agreed in good faith by the Israeli and Palestinian governments..."   They also call for justice for the armed settlers of the West Bank:  "the Jewish settlers in the West Bank..."  It also allows Israel to keep all of Jerusalem:  "the continued unity of Jerusalem."   And when you read the whole lousy thing, you are certain that it was all written by Dershowitz.  I bet you that the extent of the contribution of the "Custodian of the Two Holy Places Visiting Professor of Islamic Legal Studies" was merely in fetching a beverage for Dershowitz as he was writing this piece.   Look at this line:  "as well as security concerns for all, for Israel in particular."  Who but a racist like Dershowitz would insert a line that calls for the respect of the concerns of all "for Israel in particular", thereby establishing the notion of one people superior over another people.  It is rather funny but I think that the "Custodian of the Two Holy Places Visiting Professor of Islamic Legal Studies" was standing in line getting Dershowitz a beverage when the latter was inserting this line.  So he may have not noticed it.  It then speaks of this:  "with due regard to justice and fairness in allaying the legitimate security fears of the Jewish community within and outside Israel".  So the Palestinians are here asked to satisfy not only the needs and concerns of the Zionist occupiers but also of Zionists all over the world.   But it concludes again with another line that establishes that the Israelis are superior--in their racial recipe to use the language of Vladimir Jobotinksy--to the Palestinians:  "and viability of the two states, in particular the security of Israel as a Jewish democratic state".  What native idiot would sign a statement that speaks of the needs of one side "in particular" except someone who internalizes the racism of the Zionists against Arabs.  Let me make a prediction: this Dershowitz who cowardly refuses to debate Norman Finkelstein will now tour Zionist venues in the US accompanied by this guy who will fetch him beverages and nod his head to his Zionist utterances.   (thanks Yaman)