Thursday, September 29, 2011

Notice that UNSC resolution 1973 does not protect civilians who are victims of NATO rebels

""They are bombing us and women and children are dying," said an elderly woman, wrapping her shroud to hide her face.  Over three thousand men, women and children have fled the besieged city in the last three days. Risking their lives to cross the front lines in search of refuge, they described grim and bloody conditions inside the town.  "There is no medicine, no food, no electricity. It is a disaster," said Mohammed Omar Farjan, 37, his two young boys sitting wide-eyed on the laps of their mother and aunts crammed in the back of the car.  "I have to go to Tripoli as my wife is expecting a baby in the next week. I don't know what we will find there but the situation is too bad to stay here," said Ahmed Gaddadfa, 42.  Rebel fighters manning rows of rocket launchers said they knew they were fighting civilians, but that Sirte's residents had "chosen to die"."   (thanks William)