Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is this terrorism? Toward a new official US definition

As you know, the US government has restricted the movement of the Syrian ambassador in DC.  But the regime of Bashshar Al-Asad is not only repressive: it is a regime that is drenched in humiliation.  It does not know what self-respect is even if it hits in the face.  It has hitherto refused to utter one official word against the Saudi government when the Saudi media have launched an all-out campaign against the Syrian regime.  Yet, the US ambassador in Syria roams the country freely without any attention to diplomatic reciprocity.  Today he was pelted with eggs:  Saudi media are reporting (hoping to provoke the US government to order a bombing campaign of Syria) that he was pelted with stones.  Now, is pelting a US ambassador with eggs or tomatoes a terrorist act?  I am waiting for the next terrorism report from the US Department of State to see a broadening of the definition of terrorism to include "all acts of throwing eggs or tomatoes or other similar vegetables or food in the direction of an American or European.  Such acts would be considered crimes against humanity if directed against an Israeli (armed or unarmed).