Thursday, September 29, 2011

Feltman and his fascination with wealth

I have written about Feltman recently in Al-Akhbar English.  I said that we now know so much about him from the thousands of Wikileaks that were written by him.  He reveals himself as a petty man with obsessed with gossip in his reporting from the region.  He has no connection whatsoever to the world of ideas.  Not one report by him contained insightful analysis of the Middle East.  More than that, he is exposed as someone with weakness toward billionaires and their lifestyle.  Commenting on one Wikileaks document, Najib Miqati recently told an interviewer (New TV) about one conversation: he was meeting with Feltman.  And then Feltman asks him about his next travel.  Miqati said that he will visiting Monaco.  Feltman then asks: where do you stay in Monaco? Do you stay at a hotel or you own a house?  Miqati answers: no, I own a house. Feltman then asks: oh, how much did your house cost?  These are the interests of the man in charge of Middle East policy.  But since when Zionists appoint on the basis of qualifications?