Friday, September 30, 2011

Dumb lies of the US government

"According to a senior US official, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had been undergoing medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, “bolted the kingdom under the pretence of going to the airport for something else”.  Neither the US nor the Saudis were aware of his planned departure, said the official, calling it a “clever, canny” trick by the president. “We are not happy at all,” he added."  This is a lie that is intended to deceive Yemenis and Arabs.  Salih left the Kingdom in the private jet of the Saudi king himself.   Racism is so deep among the Zionists in the US government that they still operate on the notion that Arabs are just too dumb to suspect lying on behalf of the US government.  Is US propaganda becoming as dumb as Mossad and Ba`thist propaganda?