Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't cry for me, Abu Mazen

""I was overcome by tears as I listened to Abu Mazen’s speech, and tried not to be seen by anyone. However, the men and women in the Lebanese delegation cheered me up. I found that Lebanon’s ambassador Nawaf Salam was crying more than me, and his wife, journalist and writer Sahar Baasiri, was there with us, armed with a camera, and she took many photos of us. When I finally overcame my embarrassment with my tears, I stood and found that many eyes were tearful as well, and not all those who were crying were Arabs or Muslims.""  No one is more emotional about Palestine than I am and, yet, the Abu Mazen speech stirred in me as much emotions as Hamid Karzai does when he speaks.  What a joke. (thanks "Ibn Rushd")