Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bahrain Update: An-Nu`aymi

Angry Arab chief correspondent on Bahrain wrote this:  "I was so busy thinking of the 14 year old that got killed that I forgot to tell you. AbdulRahman AlNoami, founder of Waad, and one of Bahrain's most prominent leftist activists, passed away last thursday. He was in a coma for four years I believe. He was imprisoned by the Bahraini regime after participating in a labor strike in the 60s. After he was released he left Bahrain and remained in exile for 33 years. He returned to Bahrain in 2001 after Bahrain's King Hamad instituted "reforms" and asked all Bahrain's political exiles to come back. In the 1960s and 1970s he was part of Bahrain's leftist opposition group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Bahrain (Aljabha Alsha'abiyya) (the other one is jabhat al tahrir) which later became Waad. He became their secretary general in 1974.   Here is an article about him in the Associated Press:
And a tribute by Bahrain Mirror
And here is a Waad bio on him
Also, the mystery surrounding Bahrain's 30 + dead is resolved. Pro-regime columnist and Saddam lover Samira Rajab said on TV that there is a serial killer on the loose."

PS I told the correspondent that An-Nu`aymi was close to the great George Habash.