Saturday, September 24, 2011


It is hilarious.  The New York Times is hard at work to elevate the status of Mustafa `Abdul-NATO.  They do that with every US/Israeli puppet in the region.  Did they not publish fanatically glowing profiles of Hamid Karzai? Of Fu'ad Sanyurah? Of Salam Fayyad? They are doing the same with Abdul-NATO.  AlJazeera is doing the same with Abdul-NATO.  They carried his press conference today live.  He was so ill-prepared.  He was so over his head.  He was so uncomfortable and has such a weak personality.  He would say that this would be the last question, and then reporters would ignore him. But what do you expect from a former servant of Qadhdhafi? Do you think that Arab potentate allow anyone but weak personalities and untalented tools to serve them?  The New York Times actually wrote yesterday that Abdul-NATO was "the star" at the UN.