Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When the White Man/Woman teaches the savage natives about sex

Of course, you don't expect much from a Hariri media, especially Now Hariri website.  But this one is rather blatant.  This woman attempts to teach the natives about sex: you see, the natives never had sex before and they were really eager to know what this is about.  She starts her silly piece with this: "In Lebanon, like in most of the Arab world, sex is a taboo, and misconceptions about the forbidden topic abound."  I mean, with that opening line what do you expect to follow?  And notice the generalization: "sex is a taboo".  What does that mean, really?  She means the actual sex or the talk about sex?  And she does not think that there are misconception about sex in the US?  And she does not know that there are parents (and states) who are opposed to sex education here in the US?   And notice how basic and elementary her preachment is: and she talks to the natives like they are children.  OK, thanks o White Woman in the West.  Can the natives sit down now?