Monday, August 08, 2011

"Revolution of the Sons of the Dogs": the new Egypt

This is most hilarious.  I wish someone would translate this article in full.  Egyptian humorists on Facebook were not amused by the the tendency among some Zionists to link the protests in Israel to protests in the Arab world.  So on Twitter and Facebook, there is now an avalanche of jokes about what is being dubbed as "Revolution of Sons of Dogs" (in the Arab culture--unlike in other cultures, "sons of dogs" is not a term of endearment although a non-Arabic speaking Orientalists will be fetched by the New York Times tomorrow to prove that son of dog can be used for affection in a remote village in Somalia).  There are tons of jokes about that on twitter and facebook and groups are dedicated towards that.  Young Egyptians are even offering recommendations for slogans and for instructions.  One says: If they hit you with gas bombs, wash your face with hydrochloric acid."  Or move in groups and not as individuals to make live ammunition more effective.  Or  Keep a wet towel on you so that if they use gas bomb, suffocate yourself with it until you die.  Another slogan suggested: To hell we are going.  Zionists in the millions.  Are you laughing yet? (thanks Farah)