Sunday, August 28, 2011

Offending Al-Asad Family

A Syrian comrade, Dirar, sent me this (I cite with his permission):  "hi as'ad, i don't know if you ever came across this before, but i searched for and found this poem written by my mom's cousin in the early 80's. my uncle, whose name was also hasan al-khayyer, brought a stack of copies to the house, and i remember how everybody was so scared to have that in the house. few days later he (the author) was kidnapped and then killed by raf'at [Al-Asad] in the tidmur prison massacre. the story was that raf'at was particularly offended by the verse:
علا برتبته لص ورتبته من سوئه خجلت فانحطت الرتب

i remembered it because it's still true today.  it's at the bottom of the page with the story behind it.

the link above says they don't know who the author was, but this one does (though they don't have the whole poem)".