Thursday, August 11, 2011

It is anti-Semitic to receive Israeli bullets in your chests

This is hilarious.  Zionist hoodlums and Israeli propagandists (well, they are the same so I am being redundant here) are turning the fight against real anti-Semitism into a joke.  Look at this?  They claim that calling Israeli protest "Revolution of the Sons of a Dog" is anti-Semitic?  How exactly?  What am I missing?  In the Arab world, "son of a dog" is a common insult and not reserved to one particular group.  So there is nothing anti-Semitic in referring to Israeli Revolution of the Sons of a Dog as Revolution of the Sons of a Dog.  OK?  Those Zionist hoodlums are so out of it: they will tell us tomorrow it is anti-Semitic to resist Israeli occupation.  Tell them to go play in the garden.