Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Israel protests: Angry Arab perspective

I have no interest in Israeli protests and I only harbor disgust to expressions of public opposition in Israel.  This is a deeply racist society that all Arabs see.  Not one Arab I know, or see on the internet, is expressing any solidarity with a population that never flinched in its embrace of Israeli war crimes.  Don't sell me that one-time big crowd that took to the streets in the wake of Sabra and Shatila massacre: that was no humanitarian manifestation: it was about an internal political dispute among occupying Israelis.  You want me to be impressed with your protests over rent?  I am never impressed with anything you do, but maybe you can impress somebody else if you protest the fact that you--YOU THE PROTESTERS--are occupying buildings that you stole by force from Palestinians and that you--YOU THE PROTESTERS--are protesting over a land that you stole by force.  You never are bothered by the consecutive massacres that you--YOU THE PROTESTERS--perpetrate in your national army.  There is only conflict between you and us: only conflict.  I even cringe when I see you protests because I know how deeply racist you are and how much you suffer from self-admiration and delusions.  But your delusions are good for us: you won't know what will hit you in the future in response to all the war crimes that you have committed against our people.  You may hear a cheer or two from a handful of puppets of your occupation, or from a propagandist or two in Saudi publications.  But the conflict will continue:  It will only end by the end of that Zionist entity and an end to the occupation of Palestine.  And once the Palestinian refugees are returned to their homes all over Palestine, I will make sure that you get decent rents in the formerly Palestinian refugee camps because we may be a bit short of space for the occupiers then.  Oh, one more word: go and shed more tears for Mubarak and ask him for space in his Sharam Ash-Shaykh hospital.