Thursday, August 25, 2011

Haaretz lies and fabrications

The internet was abuzz yesterday with "news" from Haaretz reported that a "spokesperson" for the Libyan opposition, `Ali Shibani, expressed willingness to accept Israeli help, or silly words to that effect. The thing is that I looked for Shibani on the internet, in Arabic, English, or French and found nothing about him at all.  Those lies and fabrications are common in Zionist propaganda: Israeli media would find an Arab, say a terrorist for the South Lebanon Army, and attribute Zionist statements to him and then hail it as "unprecedented love for Israel from a well-known Arab leader".  The lies of Israel are too stupid these days.  They focus on one Arab who whispers acceptance of peace with Israel--always in a language other than Arabic--and then hail that person as a leader of a mass movement.  Don't feel sorry for Zionist propagandists: that they are now so desperate and so blatant and so deceptive and so dumb. What do you say about propaganda that is more dumb and more crude than Ba`thist propaganda?