Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bahrain rumor

Angry Arab chief correspondent on Bahrain:  "Just so that you are updated with the latest rumors going on in Bahrain: Apparently Saudi Arabia rejected a Qatari, Emarati and Iranian initiative which calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister from his post by the end of the year and replacing him with Matar Matar (from of AlWefaq) as interim Prime Minister until national elections are held. Prime Minister would become head of the royal council. King would still retain widespread power such as control over the army, etc. Crown Prince apparently accepted the deal. The reason I find this fishy (among other things) is why Matar Matar from AlWefaq out of all people? He's only 35 years old and isn't part of the AlWefaq leadership (though he was MP of the largest electoral district and very popular among even ppl who don't support AlWefaq). And why not someone who both the opposition and moderate pro-governments like such as Ali Fakhro (ex-minister of education)?"