Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wa`d on dialogue

My chief Bahrain correspondent:  "Waad just released a statement on the National Dialogue. They are joined by Al Minbar Al Demoqrati and Al Tajamou' Al Qowmi Al-Dimoqrati (different than Al Tamajou' Al Watani Al Dimoqrati which is boycotting the dialogue). The bad news is, they still seem to be part of the dialogue. However, by releasing this statement, Waad is beginning to sound like how Al Wefaq did the last two weeks. It seems that they are planning to withdraw but want to do it in a way that makes them look like they tried their best to make it work. I am glad that Al Minbar and Al Tajamou' Alqawmi have at least joined Waad in their statement. They have been really weak and quiet since the dialogue started (even weaker than Waad and AlWefaq which are weak too) but by joining Waad's statement they are at least heading towards the right direction (though they are not there yet).  Here is the statement:"