Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yasin Hajj Salih: arrested

Yasin Hajj Salih is a smart Syrian dissident: I am not a fan of his and he finds it convenient to express support for democracy in racist anti-Syrian (people) publications owned by Hariri family or Saudi royal family.  He was a leftist who became a liberal, but he has a good mind and is an original thinker.  The regime today arrested him and he can't in any way be accused of being part of a fundamentalist Salafi conspiracy but the regime does not discriminate in its oppression.  I see no justification whatsoever for supporting this tyrannical and arrogant regime that is killing people to keep a nasty family in power.  The issue is not the Ba`th party (a mere tool of the ruling family), but about the Asad family.

PS No, I learned that Hajj Salih has been in hiding for weeks now, but that his brother has been arrested.  (Salih wrote an op ed piece for the NYT early durign the Syrian uprising).