Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Syrian Amnesty

So the Syrian regime has been saying for years that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization that has links with the enemies of the Arabs.  But yesterday the regime offered an amnesty for the organization.  This is like the regime lifting the state of emergency when the regime faced a real emergency.  This only means that the lousy Syrian regime would do anything to stay in power.  Are you aware that if you watch Syrian regime media you would not find one trace of the Arab nationalist ideology of the Ba`th Party? It is all Syrian nationalism along the lines of the vulgar and crude manifestations of Lebanonese Phoenician nationalism.  How pathetic.  I also read that Bashshar Al-Asad met with the family of Hamzah Khatib (tortured and killed by security services).   How could Bashshar not say one public word about the case?  The developments in Syria prove that when push comes to shove (here, I just used an American cliche), Bashshar can be as ruthless and brutal as his dictator daddy.