Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sectarianism and Syrian opposition

I spoke before about the anti-`Alawite bigotry in Lebanon and Syria: i speak about it as a phenomenon before and after the rise of the Ba`th Asad faction.  There should be no excuse to it, at all.  One does not justify anti-Semitism and one should not justify anti-`Alawite sectarianism.  I spoke about the lousy open letter that Adonis wrote to Bashshar in As-Safir.  I have written enough for people to know that I am not a fan of Adonis.  But a reader sent me what Syrian dissident, Yasin Hajj Salih, recently wrote about Adonis on his Facebook page and it is blatantly sectarian and implicitly referred to the Isma`ili faith of Adonis' family.