Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Prince Turki bin `Abdul-`Aziz and his return to Saudi Arabia

This is a story that is worthy of an investigation.  Sudayri Seven refers to the seven sons of King `Abdul-`Aziz who formed a strong faction that ruled Saudi Arabia after the assassination of the lousy nut, King Faysal (they include the powerful full brothers, like Fahd, Sultan, Nayif, Salman, `Abdul-Rahman and Ahmad who are sons of Hussah Bin As-Sudayri (one of many wives of `Abdul-`Aziz), hence the name).  But the Sudayris broke with one of their own: Prince Turki who had to leave the Kingdom more than 25 years ago after his marriage to Hind Al-Fasi.  We are still not clear about the opposition to Fasi by the rest of the Sudayris but the speculation is that the Princes felt that Fasi (and especially her brother) scandalized the family (yes, the royal family is weary of scandals and is protective of its image.  Brother of Hind, if you remember, bought a mansion in the US and put statues in the garden and painted their genitals).  So Turki lived in silence in Cairo (and even traveled to Boston where he held traffic in the 80s often around Harvard Square).   Ten years ago, a son of Turki gave an interview that was critical of Saudi government.  He was immediately drugged and kidnapped and he even managed to send a message to Aljazeera about his ordeal.  He was never heard from again, and he remains in Saudi Arabia.  Prince Turki returned two weeks ago to Saudi Arabia for the first time in decades.  He was greeted by the de facto ruler, Prince Nayif.  And when Sultan left the kingdom to die in the US, Prince Turki was at the airport to bid him farewell.  But here is the twist: Prince Turki returned only days after the death of his wife, Hind Al-Fasi.  That is not all: I can report to you that brother of Hind Al-Fasi is accusing the House of Saud of murdering his sister.  He says that there is foul play involved.  He was looking for a law firm in London to take up his case.  Will one law firm dare?