Thursday, June 09, 2011

On the "Gay Girl in Damascus"

Many have written to me about the case.  It is clear that there is a fabrication there.  The Washington Post has even noticed.  Somebody is playing with readers' minds, and most likely for political reasons.  "Friends" of her wrote me yesterday and said that they all exchanged notes and that they found out that no one has ever seen her.  Her closest friend once tried to skype with her: but she told her that there is no skyping Syria (a lie).  An alert reader also noted to me that she (under the name of Amina Arraf) is among my Facebook friends.  But I was assured that the pictures that she has belong to another woman (I even have the name of the woman of those pictures).  Politically, she recently posted a pro-Palestinian message, but back in May "she" expressed hope to be able to serve as an ambassador for Syria in Israel.  That in itself tells me that it is no Syrian person at all.  In fact, I won't be surprised if this is Abraham Foxman posing as a "gay girl in Damascus."