Thursday, June 16, 2011

Israeli intelligence leaked a fake Syrian document (which was later circulated in news site of the Syrian Muslim Brothers)

"A former high ranking Israeli government source revealed to me that Israeli intelligence leaked to a pro-Israel British tabloid blogger an alleged Syrian government document claiming that the Syrian government organized the bus convoys which brought demonstrators to the Syria-Israel armistice line on Nakba Day.  Demonstrations on that day were met with murderous IDF fire killing 14 individuals.
Michael Weiss, the Telegraph’s pro-Israel blogger known for his neocon views, apparently lied when he claimed the government document was “leaked by the governor of al-Quneitra.”  Any government official who leaked such a document would be jobless in a heartbeat, if not dead.  In truth, my source says Weiss received the document from Israeli intelligence, which has been spreading rumors through the online hasbara community that the government organized the protests in order to distract from the severe instability it faced from democracy protests.  Why did Weiss engage in such a prevarication?  Clearly to conceal his true source.  Though it’s conceivable that Israeli intelligence stole or otherwise secured the alleged memo from the governor of the province." (thanks Laleh)