Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ICC: The International Court for the Prosecution of Black and Brown People by the White Man

This court is much worse than we had assumed.  It is far worse than the International Court of Justice which at least dared to rule against the US during the Cold War.  This ICC should have been seen for what it is the moment the US decided to support it, provided the US does not ratify the ICC treaty.  In other words, the US (Democratic and Republican) position is that ICC is a great idea provided the US is exempted from its jurisdiction.  The US does not believe that its war crimes are worthy of any punishment.  I say this because I heard that tool of the US, ICC's prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, who receives his marching orders from DC.  He was railing about war crimes by Qadhdhafi in the last few months.  Let me ask a simple question: has the Libyan dictator committed more crimes than the US has in Iraq and Afghanistan?  This is why this kangaroo court will never be taken seriously by black and brown people, as much as the White Man loves it.