Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ian Black: really really hearts Israeli propaganda and is willing to air it for free

"Reports from Syrian troublespots have described mysterious bearded men who did not speak Arabic, or others speaking Arabic in the accent of Ahwaz, capital of Iran's Khuzestan province. Others suggest Lebanese Hezbollah militiamen, allies of Syria, have been involved."  Oh, really, Mr. Black.  Were those mysterious creatures anything like those "Iranian Revolutionary Guards--three to be exact" that Israel had claimed it found in South Lebanon in 2006?  Tell us those about them.  Would you say that any beard is evidence of Iran/hizbullah involvement?  Also, when you say "reports from syrian troublespots" what do you mean exactly?  Do you also get "reports from Israeli troublespots" about mysterious bearded men there?  Thanks for the time.  Finally why would a regime that is so steeped in repression and cruelty require extra help? I don't get that.  I mean, the Syrian regime can give lessons in torture and repression and would not need outside help from "mysterious bearded men".

PS "obviously the ian black article is bullshit but its not even likely syrians could recognize an ahwazi arabic dialect. but it can sound a lot like an iraqi dialect and there's plenty of iraqis in syria".  And are they not predominantly Sunnis there anyway?