Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun TV

Yesterday, OTV in Lebanon hosted a debate between pro-Syrian politician, Nasir Qandil, and MP from the Hariri bloc, a Bin Ladenite Salafi by the name of Khalid Dahir, who may have been involved in the massacre of SSNP members in Halba in 2008.  At one point, the host and Qandil pressured Dahir to state that he supports freedom in Saudi Arabia: he was going on about how Hariri bloc supports uprisings in Syria and elsewhere, so they pressed him to state that he is for freedom in Saudi Arabia.  He was so embarrassed and awkward and nervous, and started to sweat on camera.  He did not expect that to happen (all Hariri MPs are subjected to PR training that entail training for TV appearances, and they receive research materials before they go on TV).  He blurted several incomprehensible things: he would say: but they have freedom in Saudi Arabia.  "Freedom is present in Saudi Arabia," he said.  He then said: but they have free medical care in Saudi Arabia.  It was quite a show.  Watch the rerun if you can.